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Paul and Robin Swanner
Camano Island, Wa
I often get asked why I have goats, or why so many.  Goats are very personable.  They
like to be in herds and they love people.  The more love you give them, the more they
return it.  They are playful, calming, gentle yet strong, and they are always interested in
what you are doing.  You will always have someone who will listen to what you have to
say that is for sure. My favorite part of goats is watching them interact as families, the
generation pool. Three or four generations is pretty fantastic.
Breeding pygmy goats begins with the heart.  Paul says it the
best when he calls them little therapists.  You just get lost in
their love and affection.  Each personality is different, so every
goat has a unique kindred spirit to share
Goat Love
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